N95 Day

Happy Friday, and Happy N95 Day!
Never heard of it? N95 Day is a day to raise awareness about how important it is to have respiratory protection in the workplace.

If you have a chance before the end of the day, take some time to sit down a watch a few videos or do a little digging about Respirator safety. There are many factors that go into it, so make sure you are prepared and familiar!

How Have we Been Staying Prepared?
Just recently at SSI, we had 3M come in and teach our Safety Specialists about Fit Testing. A Fit Test is a test that is done annually by your employer to make sure that they have chosen respirators that fit your face correctly. It must create a good seal, otherwise there is no point in wearing it because you will then be exposed to the contaminants that you are trying to stay away from.
Sorry for those who have facial hair, you’ll need to be clean shaven to stay protected. Any sorts of hair between your face and respirator can break that seal and let contaminants in. To get the BEST fit, make sure you have shaved within 24 hours of your fit test.

How Can you Stay Prepared?
Click this link here. It will take you to 3M’s N95 Day page. You can watch videos and even request a sample of a box of some of their featured products.

Do you have any tips about Respirators or staying safe on the job site?
Share your tips below or Tweet us some of your answers.