Why Wear a Hard Hat?

You may have been in the industry forever, or maybe you’re just starting out but have you ever wondered what the purpose of certain PPE was? Today, we’re going to talk about Hard Hats and why they are so important to your safety.

First – Hard hats should always be worn by those who are working in an area where falling objects may become a hazard. These areas could be a work site, a warehouse facility with heavy objects stored on shelving units or where there is electrical conductors overhead close to you.

All hard hats must be compliant with ANSI Z89.1 standards. ANSI stands for ‘American National Standards Institute’ and is a private non-profit organization that helps establish standards for products, services, processes, systems, and personnel in the U.S.

There are several types and classes of hard hats.

Type 1 – Helmet is designed to offer protection from blows to the top of the head.
Type 2 – Helmet is designed to offer protection from blows to both the top and sides of the head.
Class G – (General Helmets) Class G Helmets are proof tested at 2,200 volts and are equivalent to the old Class A.
Class E – (Electrical Helmets) Class E helmets are proof tested at 20,000 volts and are the equivalent to the old Class B.
Class C – (Conductive Helmets) Class C helmets provide no electrical insulation and the class designation did not change from the old standard.

There are many types of accessories that go along with your hard hat to meet the needs of your specific working environment. You can purchase face shields if you are at risk for splashes of chemicals or dust. Chin straps can be purchased to help the hard hat fit more snuggly to your head. During the winter months, you can purchase liners to keep you warm and during the summer months you can purchase sweatbands to keep you cool.

Overall, the purpose of the hard hat is to provide protection to anyone in a working area where there is a potential threat for injury to the head from falling objects. Some hard hats are also made to help reduce electrical shock for those working in areas where there is exposed electrical conductors near the head.

Do you have more questions or are having a hard time finding the right hard hat? Our Safety Specialists can offer you insight and help you find the perfect one to keep you safe and protected.

Have a Safe Day!