New Name. New Look. Same Focus on Safety.

A letter from our CEO, Mary Porter.

To Our Partners in Safety…

Safety Supply Illinois has a long history of servicing customers with safety products. I had the privilege of purchasing the company four years ago and many things have changed since then! We are a certified Women Owned Business, we changed locations and tripled our warehouse space, we converted from a manual system to a sophisticated business application, we implemented policies and practices to streamline our order-to-delivery process, developed new training programs to grow our product knowledge and we hired new people who have a passion for growth and a willingness to work through the ups and downs of the change cycle. In this new hypercompetitive world, change is a constant if companies are to survive.

As a premier distributor of safety supplies our job is to get the right products to our customers as quickly as possible, which is a critical aspect to our success. However, this does not represent who we are. We believe we are an important part of a person’s life cycle – without the right safety products, customer’s employees are put in harms way. We take this responsibility very seriously and are humbled to play a part in someone’s life.
Our motto, “Whose life are we going to help save today?” is displayed throughout our organization to remind us all of our true value to our customers and their employees.

Our learning culture embraces change, our team orientation values diversity of ideas and our commitment to excellence drives our organizational passion. As I reflect on our changes – who we have become, our value proposition and excitement of continuous organizational evolution – the name Safety Supply Illinois did not represent those sentiments. Therefore, I am proud to announce our new name: Emergent Safety Supply. The new name represents our desire to always be on the forefront of emerging safety products, technology, industry changes and customer needs.

The new Emergent Safety Supply team looks forward to developing a long lasting business partnership with you!

Mary Porter, Owner/CEO