Falls: Hazards in Any Workplace

Don’t wait for an accident! Consider the fall hazards in your facility.

An insurance provider recently sent us their newsletter and it had a brief on fall hazards
that we wanted to share with you:”Whether falling from the heights of a ladder or from upper floors while doing construction,
or simply slipping and falling at a retail store, employees can be injured by fall-related events in all occupational settings. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in the year 2009 there were 605 fatalities and nearly 213,000 serious injuries to workers as a result of falls.Annual medical and workers compensation costs related to falling on the job average $70 billion.Chief causes of injuries from falls included all of the following:- Floor holes
– Wall openings
– Slipper Surfaces
– Unsafely positioned ladders
– Unstable walking surfaces
– Cluttered walkingsurfaces. No matter what type of workplace, falls are a critical safety risk.”Consider the chances for falls and trips in your workplace. DON’T WAIT! Contact us at info@safetysupplyillinois.com and we’ll get our Safety Specialist to your location ASAP for a free walk-through.

Article information: Copyright 2014 Konen Insurance Incorporated Vol 42 Issue 1