Mukwonago Mustangs

Who are the Mukwonago Mustangs you may ask? They are a baseball club and the U12 team had a dream of getting to Cooperstown, New York. Their motto is:

The Mustang Way….
Practice hard, play hard, respect yourself, your team & competition,

The owners, Mary & Dick Porter, of Emergent Safety Supply believe in a culture of learning. What better way to learn and grown as an individual than by being able to travel to play against other teams? This team will have the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the value of hard work, competition and sportsmanship. Dick & Mary made a donation, along with many other companies who believed in the same value of learning. We received an amazing letter in the mail the other day stating that the dream of the Mukwonago Mustangs was going to be made true! The U12 Mukwonago Mustangs of 2016 will be able to play in Cooperstown, New York.

We wish this team the best of luck and will proudly display our new plaque!


**Pictured Mary Porter, CEO